Fairytale First Date for Father And Daughter

Do you remember your first date - the excitement, the anticipation, the nervousness? So many of us can relate to these anxious moments of preparation right before you meet each other for that special evening.

It has been a long time since Aaron Dickson has taken a beautiful girl on a date and he nervously puts on his belt and tie. His plan is to have dinner served on the back porch - she won't be expecting it! He walks out the front door and takes a deep breath...

Dickson, a father and husband from Washington, knocks on his own front door and kneels down to wait for his date: his adorable daughter, Analynne. When she sees him, her eyes are so full of love and excitement! Analynne takes his hand and they step inside. In the backyard, he shows her a bouquet of roses and helps her into her seat. What happens next will no doubt ramain as precious memories between father and daughter for the rest of their lives.

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