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He Traveled Around The World With Just $5, And Learned A Beautiful Lesson Along The Way

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When Leon Logothetis walked away from his job as a stockbroker 12 years ago, he was depressed and directionless.

Logothetis, before he started his journey around the world.Leon Logothetis / YouTube

He had learned the lesson so many of us struggle to accept: that money just can't buy happiness. His job gave him everything, but he wasn't satisfied with his safe and comfortable life. Instead, he left his home behind and traveled the world searching for happiness.

Inspired by a road trip movie called The Motorcycle Diaries, Logothetis started hitchhiking across America, but set a special restriction to make his journey interesting. He could spend $5 a day, but had to depend on the kindness of strangers for everything else.

One of the strangers who welcomed Logothetis into her home.David's Been Here

That meant his food and shelter every day depended on friendly and charitable people to look after him. At the start of the trip Logothetis says he felt "like I was living someone else’s life," but by the end the generosity he had seen made him feel much better.

He's kept his project going to this day, traveling through more than 100 countries and sharing his experiences in books and a TV show called The Kindness Diaries. After traveling more than 25,000 miles, he has a endless supply of incredible stories about the humanity and love of the people he's met.

But which of these stories mean the most to him?

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