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He Walks Into Canadian Tire With Fake Money And Makes The Biggest Purchase Possible

Only in Canada would someone save up over $1,000 in coupons to buy a lawn mower.

In 2011, Brian McPherson from Edmonton cashed in 1,053 Canadian Tire dollars and bought himself the most expensive item in the store - a riding lawn mower.

It all started when he was 14 years old and he received his first $0.10 in Canadian Tire money after buying a hockey stick. On his way out of the store a riding lawn mower caught his eye and the dream was born.

He saved for 15 years and spent over $20,000 in order to get enough of the colorful "currency" featuring the mustachioed face of Sandy McTire.

Then when he had a grand total of $1,053 of Canada's unofficial second currency, he walked into his local Canadian Tire and promptly purchased a 13 1/2-horsepower Yard Machines mower worth $1,050.05.

He gifted the remaining coupons to his daughter, Brook, with hopes that she might follow in his footsteps.

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