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He Went From Abandoned To Guest At The White House, Now He Can't Stop Smiling

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Everyone loves a rags to riches story, but there's a way to make those tales even better: make them about a dog.

I'm not trying to pitch a Hollywood screenplay, and if I were it'd have to be a true story, because Ben the Beagle has lived a very real rags to riches story. He went from being discarded, covered in mange and nearly furless, to being a regular visitor to the White House.

Ben was brought into the San Antonio Animal Care Services center April of last year. He was covered in mange and looked miserable. There was almost no chance for adoption with such a diseased looking puppy.

Happy Ending
Louder with Crowder

After spending almost a month recovering at a vet clinic, Ben was sent to New York-based Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. They specialize in adopting dogs from kill shelters, abusive homes or other various bad situations.

The group also works closely with noted animal activist Lara Trump.

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