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Here's How Your Dog Is Keeping You Healthy

I think most people can agree that owning a dog or even just spending time with a dog is pretty fantastic. What people may not know is that all those hours you spend with your favorite pooch actually have some pretty impressive health benefits! Studies have found several reasons why owning a dog may help out a variety of issues like depression, anxiety and even preventing allergies in kids. Here are a few of the reasons why dogs are amazing:


They can sniff out diseases and help those suffering from illnesses


A dogs nose is so sensitive that some are able to sniff out some cancers and infections. They are also known to benefit people with chronic illnesses like arthritis by assisting in their mobility. Even brain injuries and autism can be helped with a dog because it encourages independence and the companionship helps the emotional balance.

They improve the health of your heart


Dogs make your heart stronger. Owning a dog leads to lowers your blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels all of which reduce the chance of having a heart attack

They help you stay active


Dogs need exercise just as much as humans, but if you have a dog you are more likely to actually get the exercise you need. It's harder to put off that cardio if your dog has to go out anyway!

Dogs can help you be more social


People who have a dog have a built in social buffer. They are able to talk to other dog owners when they go to the dog park or are out on the walk and it might be slightly less awkward because you have at least one thing in common to talk about: How great dogs are!

Dogs help with your mental health


Dogs are often used for those suffering from anxiety because they can actually increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your brain. These two neurochemicals are what contribute to helping you feel calm and relaxed. They are also helpful for those who suffer with depression or extreme stress. Some colleges started bringing dogs into their schools during exams to help student relax during the stressful time.

Lower the chance of allergies in kid


Kids who are raised around pets are less likely to become allergic to them. Also, spending time around dogs can strengthen immune systems.

Just watch out - they might make you fall a lot


As great as dogs are, about 88% of the 86,000 pet-related falls per year are caused by these clumsy canines according the the Centers for Disease Control.

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