Heartbreaking Update About The 'World's Most Bitter Prince'

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About a month ago, the Danish royal family made headlines after some controversial comments from Prince Henrik, husband to Queen Margrethe .

Prince Henrik revealed that he will not be buried next to his wife when they pass on, despite their custom-designed sarcophagus. The Prince claimed he was being discriminated against because of his gender, all because he's called Prince Henrik and not King Henrik.

“It makes me angry that I am subjected to discrimination,” he told the French newspaper Le Figaro. “Denmark, which is otherwise known as an avid defender of gender equality, is apparently willing to consider husbands as worth less than their wives.”

It's not like Prince Henrik is the only one subjected to this. 'Prince' is the title any man married to the Queen of a nation receives, like Prince Philip of England.

“She’s the one playing me for a fool,” he said of his wife in an interview with the Danish newspaper B.T. “I didn’t marry The Queen to get buried at Roskilde. It’s my wife and not me that can do anything about this matter. If she wants me buried with her, she has to make me King Consort.”

The family’s director of communications told a Danish newspaper" “It is no secret that the prince for many years has been unhappy with his role and the title he has been awarded in the Danish monarchy. For the prince, the decision not to be buried beside the queen is the natural consequence of not having been treated equally to his spouse — by not having the title and role he has desired.”

Despite the palace seeming to back Prince Henrik on his comments, they've just come out with some devastating news that no one really saw coming.

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