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Heartbreaking Video Of Emotional Embrace Between Cop And Civillian Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

After his fellow officers were killed in an ambush earlier that morning, this Iowa woman brings bottled water and food to the front lines.

The Urbandale, Iowa community was left shaken and heartbroken yesterday after news spread that two officers had been killed in an ambush attack early in the morning on 2 November, 2016.

The suspect, Scott Michael Greene is a 46-year-old Urbandale resident who surrendered himself to the Dallas County Sheriff's Department and Iowa State Patrol.

Tragically, the two police officers were fatally shot as they sat in their police cars. Even worse, reports say that there appeared to be no interaction between  the suspect and the officers who were gunned down: there was no radio traffic between the fallen officers and dispatch during the shootings.

Visibly shaken by the tragedy, local news captured this heartbreaking moment between an Iowa resident and this police officer. She could think of nothing else to do, but bring bottled water and food.

Watch the emotional moment below and hug your loved ones tight.

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