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Heartbreaking Video Shows Starving Bear Cubs Begging For Food

If you needed another piece of evidence as to why zoos need more strict regulations, look no further than this video that's going viral.

The video shows sickly skinny bears literally begging visitors for food at a zoo in Indonesia.

People are livid that these animals are being treated so poorly, claiming this is a violations of their rights and should be considered animal cruelty. Many are calling for the zoo to be shut down.

A spokesperson for the zoo's operator disagrees. He believes the animals are doing just fine.

"Does being thin mean being unhealthy or not having enough food?" Sudaryo told the newspaper. "On the other hand, looking fat does not mean an animal is healthy."

That logic may work when you're referring to human beings, but if anyone saw a child BEGGING for food, chances are they would be just as upset.

A spokesperson for Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring group believes the zoo is providing an unfit environment.

"The enclosure is dirty, the water is polluted and unclean, and the floor has no grass," Gunung Gea told the BBC. "There are no live trees in the enclosure."

This is not the first time the West Java Zoo has been under scrutiny. In 2016, one of the elephants in their care died due to a lack of medical treatment.

Take a look at the video of these poor bears. They are literally begging people for food. And we can guarantee the food they're being tossed is neither healthy enough nor in enough quantity to make this all okay.

There are petitions being signed to have the zoo shutdown. If you would like to sign, click here.

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