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Her Doctor Told Her The Lump Was Nothing To Worry About, Now She Has Just Months To Live

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Four years ago, Deanna Wilson found a lump in her breast and brought her concerns to her family doctor in Fife, Scotland.

She had been carefully monitoring the lump on her own for about six weeks before she scheduled the visit with her doctor, so when the GP told her to "go home and come back in six weeks to have it revisited," she was stunned.

The 35-years-old newlywed appeared by all sense of the word to be young and healthy. Her doctor dismissed her concerns, informing her that "people your age don't get cancer."

Wilson had to practically beg her doctor to refer her to a specialist for further investigation. Reluctantly, the GP scheduled her for a more thorough investigation, but marked her case as "low priority."

Unfortunately, her doctor couldn't have been more wrong...

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