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This Mom's Dying Wish Was For Her Nurse To Raise Her Son, And The Nurse Followed Through

When Tricia Somers was told she had terminal liver cancer, a million thoughts ran through her head. But none was more important than who would take care of her son.

Tricia was a single-mom who had escaped an abusive relationship with her son, Wesley. Both of Tricia's parents had passed away and there was no other immediate family to watch over Wesley when that time came.

So Tricia turned to someone else she trusted, her oncology nurse, Tricia Seaman (yes, they're both named Tricia!)

The two Tricias met when Somers was in recovery after a procedure for her cancer treatment. Seaman remembers the first time they met.

"I said, 'Wow this will be easy to remember your name because we have the same one!' " recalls Seaman. "We even shared the same initials, T.S."

Seaman says from the moment she met Somers, she knew how much Wesley meant to her.

"He was front and center of her life, she had pictures of him and drawings he had made for her," says Seaman. "She was so proud of him, but she was also very concerned about what was going to happen if she died."

After that initial procedure, Seaman wasn't assigned as Somers' nurse again, but that didn't stop her from popping in every day to check on her. But it was on the last day of Somers' stay that truly changed Seaman's life forever.

"Tricia had just gotten lab tests back and she stood up to me and said, 'The biopsy came back and I'm terminal, I'm going to die,' " says Seaman. "And then she asked if me and [my husband] would raise Wesley when she died. I was shocked."

It was almost like it was meant to be, as Seaman revealed she and her husband had been wanting another child but were advised by doctors it was not safe.

The two families began spending time together before Tricia Somers passed away. She and Wesley moved in with the Seaman family and they grew extremely close.

"They became family, we'd go on vacations together, we were so attached to them both," says Seaman. "We took care of her in our house until she became too ill and went to inpatient oncology and then to a hospice residence."

Tricia Somers passed away on December 7th, 2014.

"By that time we had already taken care of the paperwork, Tricia created a will and named us legal guardians," say Seaman. "We shared legal custody with Wesley's biological dad, who is allowed visitation. They see each other twice a year. We're all together now. The kids call each other brother and sister and Wesley refers to us as his parents."

Tricia Seaman penned a book about her journey, entitled "God Gave Me You."

"When Tricia was dying she actually said to me, 'Stop crying!' and I said, 'I can't help it I don't want to let you go!' " recalls Seaman. "She then thanked me for taking in Wesley, but I said, 'No, don't thank me, I want to thank you.' I told her, 'Because you have changed my life for the better and Wesley is in the best of hands, you'll never have to worry. You can rest easy.'"

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