Her Husband Was Struck By Lightning, What She Does Next Saved His Life

We often underestimate the power of thunderstorms.

A lot of people view them as fun storms to watch, but not really that dangerous.

Jerry Leenheer and his wife, Cora Jean, learned the hard way that this isn't necessarily true.

Jerry was out trimming trees on his property in Colorado when he was struck by lightning. The 71-year-old's wife quickly ran to him, preparing herself for the worst. Cora Jean saw the hole in Jerry's hat, the rips in his clothing, and she started praying to God to save him.

But while many people would freeze in the face of trauma, Cora Jean knew exactly what to do. She started doing CPR on Jerry and told a passerby to call 911.

"He started breathing," Cora said. "He rolled over on his side and then he sat up and I just said, 'Oh God, thank you! He's back.'"

Cora Jean's quick thinking saved her husband's life.

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