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Her Idol Surprises Her At The Hospital And Performs An Impromptu Concert For Her

While celebrities can get a bad reputation for being disconnected from reality, this musician is shutting down those rumors through his actions.

Ed Sheeran recently took a break from music to go explore the world, but that doesn't mean the 25-year-old singer can't still throw in a couple unplanned shows!

Sheeran visited super-fan Melody Driscoll at the hospital after finding out she's a huge fan.

9-year-old Driscoll suffers from Rett Syndrome, a neurological disorder that affects mainly girls. It hinders speech, mobility, and even breathing. Melody Driscoll is unable to walk and has been in hospital for 80% of her life. When she was born, doctors gave her only a few years to live. But because she's a fighter, Melody will be turning 10 in December.

Melody's mom posted about the experience on Melody's Facebook page,Melody In Mind.

"You are the one that has made all of that happen. She fell in love with you when 'Thinking Out Loud' came on tv for the very first time. Her reaction said it all. She sat there beaming at you on the tv and didn't take her eyes of you for a single second. Then every single time you came on the tv after that she gave the exact same reaction. Let me tell you, she's never ever had that reaction to anyone on tv before so I knew you was special to her. One of those times she was watching you she became in pain and you pulled her through that episode. So from then on every time she becomes in pain we have to put you on our phones to help her through it. Even the nurses do too. The more time that went by the more affect you had on her. So many times I nearly lost her because she was giving up but as soon as we put you on Melody would start fighting back. This is what I mean when I say that I literally owe you her life. You literally keep her alive. She fights to stay in this crazy world just because of you."

The video is incredibly touching. Ed plays a couple of his songs on Melody's pink ukulele as she bobs along to the beat.

Seeing a celebrity take time out of his day to go and visit a fan with no intention of publicity is amazing. Sheeran showed up with no manager, no press, no security. Just a desire to help someone.

It's not the first time he's done something like this, either. Before his concert in Ottawa, Canada, a young girl was part of the press scrum (her dad was one of the reporters.) She got to ask a question, and she asked what his favorite charity is. Sheeran mention the East Anglia Children's Hospice where his mom works. The young girl pulled out a fistful of money from her purse and said, "Here's 25 pounds from my birthday money to donate to that charity."

Sheeran was so blown away by her generosity, he pulled out two hundred dollars Canadian for the girl to give to HER favorite charity.

He truly is a special soul who defines what celebrity should be all about: using your influence to do things for others.

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