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Her Job Interview Was Cancelled Because She Asked This One Question

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Everyone has a bad job interview experience. It's just the way life works.

You're late, you're nervous, you're under-qualified so you're over-selling yourself, whatever the case may be. Job interviews are awful unless you happen to luck out.

But for Taylor Byrnes, it wasn't even the interview that was's what happened before hand.

Byrnes had applied for a job with the new food delivery service, SkipTheDishes, which delivers food from all types of restaurants right to your house. The company is based in Winnipeg, Canada and Byrnes applied for a menu development job position.

After a successful phone interview, Byrnes was offered an in-person follow-up. Before she had a chance to meet the employer, Byrnes sent an email to the HR representative to ask a fairly standard question.

It may have been a tad forward to ask that question before an interview, but Taylor Byrnes was polite and non-presumptuous.

Two hours later, Byrnes received this email from HR.

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