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Her Senior Photos Had An Unexpected Visitor

Finding the perfect spot for a picture backdrop is increasingly difficult these days. With access to so many new spots and people just being downright fearless, there's a lot of pressure to find something picturesque that will make everyone say "WOW!"

17-year-old Jillian Henry from Oregon managed to do that, but probably not in the way she expected.

Henry and her friend Elena were on the Willamette River snapping pictures when they noticed someone in the background.

Jillian Henry/Twitter

A naked man appeared in the lake with them. But he didn't seem too concerned about being considerably under dressed.

"We weren't the only people there and I feel like he had to have seen us in the water with a camera, but he didn't leave or anything," Henry told CNN.

They snapped a few more pictures before deciding to head out. Henry's friend encouraged her to share the pictures, and share she did. She tweeted out two pictures from the shoot and was met with instant response. The tweet currently has over 44,000 retweets and 120,000 likes.

Henry has been hit with instant internet fame. But will the photos make it to the yearbook?

"I don't know, I kinda hope so!"

Click here to see the original tweet, which includes the uncensored photos. photos.

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