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She Nearly Died, Now She's Using Her Darkest Moment To Shine A Light For Others

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Like many other single 28-year-old women, Dr. Angela Jay used the dating app, Tinder to help her in her search for love.

Being a busy trainee obstetric gynecologist, she had little time for the traditional means of meeting a partner. When she met Paul Lambert, he seemed charming at first.

They went on a few dates that eventually turned into a six-week relationship. Gradually, Lambert became more and more obsessed with Dr. Jay to the point where she felt "smothered."

She ended their six-week relationship, but Lambert refused to accept that it was over. His obsession escalated and he began to stalk her intensely.

It got to the point where he showed up on her doorstep and stole her house keys. Even though she notified the police and changed her locks, he refused to give up harassing her.

Then, one day last year, he broke into her house and the most terrifying hour of her life began to unfold...

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