Herbie's Hero Journey - Would you like to be a part of Herbie's final adventure?

A Shared Special Submission by Road Dogs & Rescue.

Herbie touched all of our lives. He inspired love and united people from all over the world with the belief that all dogs deserve a chance - especially the sick and special needs that are so easily passed by. He captured our hearts with his heroic spirit and determination. But sadly, Herbie's body was beyond repair and we were heartbroken when we knew it was time to let him cross the rainbow bridge.

Photos courtesy of Road Dogs & Rescue

In his brief life, because of his condition, Herbie was confined inside. He only saw the world through car windows, on his way to the vet. Herbie did not experience any of the wonderful things we do with our dogs and loved ones - from walking in the park, swimming in the ocean, to riding a motorbike.

But I'm thinking maybe we can still give that to him!

Maybe together we can transform Herbie's passing into an adventure befitting a true hero - transcending sadness into a celebration of life and joy.

So instead of having Herbie's ashes in a box, I want to share Herbie's message of love and determination by asking YOU - animal lovers from all over the world - to help scatter Herbie's ashes in your favorite places. Inspiring places. Ordinary places. Places where you feel connected to the heartbeat of life.

If you would like to be a part of Herbie's Hero Journey. Please email: and let me know how you would like to share Herbie with the world and inspire others to help special need dogs.

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