Here's What Your Favorite Color Says About You

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Choosing a color is an instinctual choice, and believe it or not, says a lot about your personality and how you relate to others.

Understanding your character traits for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states will help you better understand yourself and how the world around you percieves your actions.

Your color choice can also help to identify your strengths and weakness as well as your vulnerabilities and desires throughout your life.

Is It the Color You Wear?

Open your closet, do you see a dominate color in your clothes? Your personality color does not always reflect in what you wear. It's the color that you're naturally drawn to and makes you feel comfortable when you see it. Depending on your body type and your style of clothes, the color you wear is not necessarily reflective of your personality color.

How Do You Choose Just One?

Are you torn between two colors that you love equally as much? It happens! Read both color profiles to get a better understanding about how each color reflects your personality to get a better understanding about what motivates you.

I'm sure you will find elements of both color profiles that speak you to.

Dislike of a Color

The colors you avoid and dislike also say a lot about who you are and can reflect your weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Your most disliked colors will relate to areas of your life that you may need to give more attention to or past hurts that need help being healed. Go back as far as your childhood to a time when you may have developed the dislike of a color. Generally you will find a connection.

Rejecting an entire color can often create an imbalance in your life, so it's good to make peace with it by slowly introducing it into your life to help balance your energies.

Have You Changed Your Favorite Color?

If you have changed your personality color, try to pinpoint the circumstances in your life surrounding the change. When selecting a new color, it could be a good way to see which qualities you need to attract into your life to help you deal with new circumstances.

Now it's time to choose. Don't think about it, just be honest with your answer and accept the first color that comes to your mind.

So what does your color mean about you?

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