He's Beaten All The Odds, But Now He Needs An Unapproved Medication To Save His Life

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Kyle Humphrey is no ordinary person. He's been through more in his 28 years of life than most of us could even imagine.

Since birth, Kyle has been struck with more medical issues than most people will see in their lifetime. But for Kyle? Well, that's just another day.

But now Kyle is facing a medical setback that will take a lot to treat, and since the medication is so new, his insurance won't cover it.

Shared got in touch with Kyle and his mom, Helene, to learn more about his struggles and how he manages to stay so positive.  

"People say I am different, some say it is because I have such a positive outlook on life, I say they are right," Kyle tells Shared.

Early Life

When Kyle was born, doctors saw he had Spina Bifida (his spine outside of his back.) He also was suffering from Hydrocephalus (too much water on the brain). Helene wasn't able to hold her first born right away, and instead was handed a Polaroid picture.

Right from the beginning, Helene says Kyle was a fighter.

"He had 3 operations within 24 hours of being born. NO PROBLEM he was a tough cookie!" she recalls. "By the time he was one and a half years old he had had multiple brain surgeries, stomach surgeries, spine surgeries, and surgery on one of his hips and was in a body cast from ankles to armpits for 6 full weeks at one and a half. Then a resident broke his fragile leg leading to another cast for another 6 weeks."

Helene was told her son would never be able to sit up, never be able to walk, and would have severe mental problems. But Helene had already taught Kyle an important lesson: there's no such thing as can't.

Humphrey Family

"The only mental problem the doctors could find was that he wouldn't listen to them," Helene writes. "But he did teach them a few things. He taught them what he could do!"

Kyle walked down the aisle to give his mother away at her wedding, proving that he was willing to do whatever it takes.

When he was seven years old, Kyle was diagnosed with Arnold Chairi, which caused breathing problems, upper body weakness, and his inability to grow.

Surgery after surgery, Kyle remained positive and smiling, trying to prove all his doctors wrong. After over 100 operations on his brain, stomach, spine, and hip, Kyle kept smiling.

Kyle, and his sister Maya.Humphrey Family

Though he remained positive, there was still much more to endure.

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