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Hey That's Actually A Deadly Snake, Not Tinsel

Speaking of my worst flippin' nightmare...

A woman in Australia had a bit of a shock Sunday morning when she was looking at her Christmas tree and noticed a deadly snake wrapped around it.

The woman, Cheryl, immediately called Barry Goldsmith (a professional snake catcher) to come and take the creature away. Turns out, she's lucky to be alive.

"The [tiger] snake is among the most dangerous of Australia," Goldsmith told CNN. "Cheryl did exactly what she was supposed to do. She closed the door, put a towel underneath and called me."

The snake catcher noted that if you stay calm and don't touch the snake, you don't usually get bitten. But if you try to move the snake or kill it yourself, odds are you're going to be attacked and the bites can be fatal.

If it were me, I'd be tossing the entire tree and moving far, far away.

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