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His Girlfriend Is So Canadian, She Thanked Him For Gifting Her An Empty Box.

There is nothing wrong with being young and enthusiastic. It is especially adorable if you happen to be 20 years old, female and Canadian.

There must be something about this magical combination of polite innocence that attracted Braxton Sislo from New Orleans, Louisiana to his girlfriend Ray, from Canada. Since meeting on Twitter, the two have been downright adorable.

This is Braxton:

He works at a shop that sells cell phone accessories. Last week, his boss handed him this box and he thought to himself, "Oh maybe Ray can use this for stuff." Because he's a romantic who's always thinking about his girl.

So he texts her a picture:

and she goes full-out Canadian:

The Twitterverse loved it and his tweet went viral. Obviously, these are relationship "goals."

Some other dudes tried Sislo's tactic on their own girlfriends, but the reactions weren't quite the same:

The thing about Canadian girls? They'll  out-polite, out-grateful everybody. Sislo, she's a keeper.

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