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His Parents Thought He Was Putting On Weight, But It Was Something Much Worse

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No parent ever wants to see their child sick, so you can imagine what Antonia and Andy Watson must have felt when they found out that their son was seriously ill with a rare disease.

When 5-year-old Mckenzie Watson's face and midsection started to appear bigger, his parents simply chalked it up to weight gain.

"The first time it happened, we just thought he had put on weight over Christmas," Antonia, 26, recalled.

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It wasn't until 11 days later, when he had to be rushed to the hospital, that they realized what was really wrong with their son. After running a series of tests, doctors found that Mckenzie's lungs were leaking fluid into his abdomen.

The liquid build up caused his belly to swell up so much that it looked like he was "nine months pregnant and about to pop," according to his mom.

"It was so scary because his skin was so tight … as though it were a fully formed bump," she added.

As it turned out, Mckenzie was dealing with a form of kidney disease that affects 2 in every 10,000 children in America.

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