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His Sons Made Him Pullover So They Could Help A Man In Need

A father from Wisconsin could not be more happy with his two young sons right now.

Daniel Medina was driving home with his two boys when they asked him to pull the car over. Medina obliged, a little confused as to what was going on.

Turns out, the boys had seen a man in a wheelchair shovel the snow off his corner and they wanted to go over and help him!

"I didn't even see the guy because I was concentrating on driving in the snow," Medina said. "My oldest said, 'Pull over, let's go help him.' So I said, 'OK, let's go.' We pulled up next to him, and [my son] asked if he had any extra shovels."

Sure enough, the man did! The two boys, aged 6 and 10, stayed for 45 minutes to help the man shovel his driveway and corner lot.

"He was grateful," Daniel said of the man they helped. "He kept telling us thanks and kind of supervised us, made sure we dug out the bus stop in the corner, and also his car because he had a doctor's appointment the next day."

Daniel Medina said the boys' mom also uses a wheelchair, which is what prompted them to help the man. They knew how hard it is for her to shovel, so they wanted to help the man.

"It just made me happy," he said. "They know to hold doors for people and all their manners."

"You know what's funny? I couldn't get the kids to help me at home," Medina laughed. "I said, hey kids, want to shovel? And they said, 'No, Dad, it's pretty late. We have to shower and get ready for school.'"

I guess this time, Dad can let it slide.

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