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Have You Ever Heard Of The Legend Of The Pig-Faced Lady?

Back in the 1630's, the legend of the pig-faced woman starting to pop up around Europe. The stories claim that witchcraft was the cause of her "pig face" and was only cured after she was married.

The witch gave her new husband a choice, she could either appear beautiful to him but still like she had a pig-face to everyone else, or the other way around. When he offered the choice to his new wife, the spell was broken.

The original tale says that a beggar asked a woman for money who replied "take away your filthy pigs, I will not give you anything!" When the beggar heard this about her children, she cursed the woman: "Are these my children pigs? May God then give you such pigs as I have here!" When the woman had her daughter, she was born with the face of a pig. They think the legend as originally started back when people thought that "maternal impression" was possible, which is the belief that mental influence on the mother's mind can "mark" the child.

The legend began to be treated as fact in the 1800s, with several rumors of actual pig-faced women living in England. It was so widely believed that portraits were constantly publishes and they began to go on display at fairs. The so-called "Pig-faced" women actually turned out to be bears in women's clothing with their faces shaved.

The story was written about this woman, and called "A Certaine Relation of the Hog-faced Gentlewoman called Mistris Tannakin Skinker". It tells the story of how she was able to regain her human face after her husband gave her the ability to make her own choices.

Now Sir, you have given me that which all women most desire, my Will, and Soveraignty; and know I, was by a wicked and sorcerous step-dame inchanted, never to returne to my pristine shape, till I was first married, and after had received such power from my Husband ยท And now from henceforth I shall be the same to you night and day, of that youth and lively-hood which you now see me; till Time and Age breed new alteration, even to the last period of my life

What do you think of this crazy legend? Do you think there was any facts to back it up or was it all just a lesson in kindness?

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