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24 Gifts Every Animal Lover Needs This Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, you might be scrambling to get those last minute gifts! Luckily for you, Amazon is filled with treasures and they are pretty good at shipping things to you on time.

Save yourself a trip to the mall and find the perfect gifts for the animal lover on your list! You might think it's tricky to find something for the person who is obsessed with their dog, cat, or any other animal, but there are actually endless options. Here are 24 ideas to get you started!


1. Bear Claw Oven Mitts - $17

Handle that hot food with ease and style! These bear oven mitts will let them cook up a storm while also looking extra cute. Find it here.

2. Hedgehog Toothbrush Holder - $7

If you need a place to keep that toothbrush so it's off the counter, why not use this adorable little hedgehog? It would also work well for travelling to keep the head of the toothbrush out of your clothes and other items. Find it here.

3. Ceramic Cat Measuring Bowls - $37

Measuring ingredients has never been so adorable. They are made of ceramic so be careful with them, but they are so cute they would even just make a great display in your kitchen! Get them here.

4. Corgi Bottle Stopper - $8

If you know your friend likes to drink wine almost as much as they love their dog, why not get this adorable little stopper? It will make a cute little conversation piece while they enjoy their wine! Get it here.

5. Cat Purse - $27

This is the best bag for anyone who loves cats. It's handy because it actually has a fair amount of room in it and isn't too cutesy - just the right amount of quirky! Get it here.

6. Pet Cam Monitor With Laser Pointer - $85

So it's a little bit more extravagant, but in my opinion, totally worth it. This thing has night vision, two way audio, a laser pointer, and lets you check in on your pet while you are out! It's like getting a babysitter but one that won't eat all your snacks. Obviously it doesn't replace spending time with your pet, but if you hate being away from them for even a minute, here is the solution. Get it here.

7. GoPro Harness for your dog - $14

See the world from your dogs eyes! You could even have them film your wedding video like this couple did! See what it's like to be man's best friend for yourself. Get it here.

8. Slow Feeder Pet Bowl - $12

These are actually the greatest. I had to get one for my dog because he inhales food as though he may never eat again, but now he has to take his time and actually chew his food. Makes for healthy dogs and also combats obesity! Get one here.

9. Paw Soother Stick - $22

Protect your pets feet and help them say moisturized. This makes the perfect gift because the bottom of a dog's feet is not something a lot of people think about until it's a problem. If you give this as a gift, it will show a lot of consideration! Especially useful in the winter! Get it here.

10. iFetch Ball Thrower - $200

A lot more expensive, but it's pretty awesome. If you run out of energy before your dog does, get this and teach them how to use it. Your dog will be able to run as much as they want, without you having to do a thing. Get one here.

11. Dog Ice Cube Tray - $13

Everyone needs ice cube trays - why not make it adorable little dachshunds? Get it here.

12. Birdhouse Key Ring Holder - $4

This is a perfect way to keep those keys in their place. Also, they are little whistles which is just too cute! Get it here.

13. Self-Warming Cat Sleeping Bag - $17

Okay, where is the human version of this? A little cozy fleece nest for your cat (or small dog) that will keep them all warm and toasty! Get it here.

14. Exploding kittens Card Game - $20

This is a fun and ridiculous game that you will enjoy. It has adorable illustrations by the person who draws The Oatmeal comics and it's hilarious. No kittens were harmed in the making of this game! Get it here.

15. Dog Socks - $9

You can never go wrong with new socks for Christmas - especially if they have cute puppies on them! No one would be able to resist these little buddies! Get them here.

16. Stackable Fish Hotel Aquarium - $35 (each)

These little hotel style fish bowls are stackable so you can make your own little fish condo building! The outer plastic can also be painted if you want! Get it here.

17. Squirrel Tea Infuser - $11

For the tea drinkers in your life, you can get them this little squirrel who will diffuse the leaves into their drink no problem! There are also a bunch of other animals you can check out if squirrels aren't their favorite. Check it out here.

18. Welcome Mat - $20

This welcome mat will let guests know that the cat is the king of your house. That way, none of the guests can complain when they end up covered in cat hair. Get it here.

19. Rhino bookends - $25

Bring the love of animals to every area of the home, including the bookshelf. These rhinos are so fancy looking and will look amazing on the shelf! Get them here.

20. Monkey Unicycle Pizza Wheel - $15

Have a little fun with your gifts! Give your friend a pizza cutter that looks like a monkey because Christmas is about having fun! Get it here.

21. Lion Mane for a dog - $16

Worth EVERY penny if you ask me. Turn any dog into a ferocious lion and you are guaranteed a few laughs. Get it here.

22. Nail Grinder - $14

These are actually super useful to do dog nails. It smooths out the edges of the nail, so that after you trim the nails, you don't end up with sharp talons stabbing you. People might not think to buy one for themselves, so definitely makes a great gift! Get it here.

23. Country Farm Mini Pancake Pan - $27

Okay how great would eat be to eat Sunday pancakes that have little cows and pigs on them! I want this it's amazing. Get it here.

24. Perhaps the most outrageously hilarious gift available on the internet: This Life Sized Horse Lamp that costs $5000!

It's huge! The comments on this are actually the most hilarious thing about it - other than the fact that it is a $5000 horse lamp that is actually the size of a horse.  If you really want it, get it here.

Share with the people on your list to see what item they want! Or, if there is anything on this list you want, share it on your Facebook with the number you want!

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