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Hollywood Is Making A Movie About Lucille Ball - But Fans Are Upset By The Casting Choices

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A new movie about the life of one of America's favorite TV stars is in the works - and it already has her fans divided.

The project, called Lucy and Desi, will focus on Lucille Ball's 20-year marriage to her husband and co-star Desi Arnaz. Lucy and Desi eloped less than a year after meeting, and their relationship took center stage in all of their projects, including I Love Lucy. Ball's pregnancy with her son Desi Jr. was written into the show, at a time when CBS didn't even want the word "pregnancy" to be spoken on TV.

Ball's classic sitcoms earned her 13 Emmy nominations, and the star won 4 times. Along with making her own shows, her television company Desilu Productions helped create other hit series like Star Trek and Mission: Impossible.

The star also attracted her fair share of controversy, and was even investigated by the FBI. The agency thought Lucy had ties to the Communist Party, but as her husband joked "The only thing red about Lucy is her hair."

There's no telling which parts of Lucy's life will be featured in the new movie, and with a life as exciting as hers something astounding is bound to be left out. But the first details about the new film - including who will play Lucy - are drawing criticism from her biggest fans.

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