Homework Assignment Tells Girls To 'Go Out With A Boy'

It's hard enough to get a date as a teenager - for some, their reputation depends on it. But for these Utah teenagers, their grades actually depend on it.

Jenn Oxborrow of Salt Lake City posted a photo of two handouts that her teenage daughter brought home. The instructions were that students at Highland High School had to go on a date that costs no more than $5.00.

Each handout suggested how a girl should behave and what a boy should do on these "dates."

This appalling assignment encouraged girls to "eat the food you order. Don't waste his money." It says that boys should refrain from making "gross noises."


What. The. Heck.


Obviously, parents were outraged and the Utah Department of Education was called into question. The handouts were not written by the teacher who assignment, instead they were taken from a database of approved classroom materials maintained by the state.


The Utah Board of Education removed the $5 Date material and soon after the entire Purposes of Dating section had been taken down.

Do you think it was inappropriate to require students to date for grades? Let us know in the comments below!

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