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Hope That Selfie Was Worth It, You Just Destroyed An 18th Century Statue

A Brazilian tourist is probably feeling pretty bad about himself right now, after he knocked over a historic statue while trying to take a selfie.


The unidentified male tourist is being kept quiet as the investigation goes on, but odds are if he's found guilty, it won't be worth the Instagram likes.

The statue in question is the one of Saint Michael at the National Museum of Ancient Art is Lisbon. There was a free-entrance day on Sunday, where the Brazilian tourist showed up and tried snapping a pic with it. As he was backing up to get it in frame, the man knocked over the statue, shattering it beyond repair.

Nuno Miguel Rodrigues was there when it happened, and managed to take a picture of the aftermath. The picture immediately went viral on Facebook.

Yikes. That doesn't look good. The deputy director of the museum said: "I've been working in the museum for many years and cannot recall anything similar happening."

No word yet on whether the tourist was trying to use the Snapchat dog filter.

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