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Horse Is Ready To Give Up And Die, When Camera Catches Unlikely Hero Save Its Life

Horses are a truly beautiful animal. Normally they are just so graceful and majestic, but every once and while even they have their bad days.

This horse managed to get her back leg tangled in her mane and couldn't get it out. Her poor foal was running around, scared of what her mom was doing. They were in a marshland in Gower, South Wales and the tide was coming in.

Luckily, a group of RSPCA inspectors found them and were able to get close enough to the horse to calm her down, and managed to cut the tangled matte of hair out and free her foot. She was slow to her feet, having been stuck for quite a while, but eventually she was able to get up and her baby stayed right by her side.

It's so sweet to see her little baby stay close while she was in danger. Her foal was obviously very young and would not have been able to survive if his mother had passed away. Its great that the RSPCA was able to get in there and help this little horse family! Check out the rescue below!

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