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Hospital Takes 2-Year-Old Boy Off Life Support Against Family's Wishes

A family is Los Angeles has been left devastated after the hospital where their son was being cared for decided it was time to take him off life support, even though the family did not want to.

2-year-old Israel Stinson was admitted to a hospital in April 2016 after having difficulty breathing, according to the Washington Post. He was moved to a hospital in Sacramento, California, where he suffered a heart attack and lost oxygen supply for an hour. Doctors determined that baby Isreal was brain dead.

His parents, Jonee Fonseca and Nathaniel Stinson, did not listen to doctors when they were told to remove their son from life support. They went to court to ask their son be kept on life support with hopes he would recover. Their lawsuit was shot down by a federal judge, but that did not stop the family from fighting. They took their son to Guatemala where doctors performed tests proving baby Isreal did indeed have brain activity.

After these tests were conducted, Children's Hospital Los Angeles agreed to take the toddler as a patient. Shortly after he was admitted. doctors told Israel's parents he had to be taken off life support. Within less than a week, Israel was gone.

"I'm just baffled as to why the hospital would have agreed to take him for the sole reason of putting him to death," said Alexandra Snyder, an attorney with Life Legal Defense Foundation, who are representing Israel's family pro bono.

There are some health professionals who argue that the thousands of dollars which go towards providing care to children like Israel could be reallocated to help other critically ill children who could benefit from the resources. But the issue lies in who gets to decide which children get the support and which don't.

"[The family] are devastated," said Snyder. "I think still in shock. It's not even my child; I am still in shock this could happen so quickly. ...That is something every family has to decide for themselves, not a choice that should be imposed upon somebody."

The Children's Hospital of Lops Angeles has not commented on the situation as of yet.

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