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Hospital Worker Spends Her Own Money To Open Free Toy Store For Sick Kids

A woman in Oak Lawn, Illinois is showing everyone what Christmas spirit is all about.

Jessie Tendayi is a food service aide at Trinity Hospital and a few years ago, she decided to do something really special for the kids at Advocate Children's hospital. Her plan? To open up a "free toy store" for kids to help them feel better during the holidays.

It all started in 2009 when Tendayi donated 100 toys out of her own budget to give to the kids. Now, 7 years later, she's got 1,000 toys to give. It cost Tendayi $5,000 of her own money, but she doesn't care. It's for the kids. She saves money from each paycheck and sometimes picks up extra shifts to fund the project. As a cafeteria worker, the standard wage is just $9.95 an hour, so you can imagine how much $5,000 means to her.

"It brings joy to me and also brings joy to the children that I'm making a difference. It's very important for me to do what I'm doing right for the kids," said Jessie Tendayi. All the kids are extremely thankful for her generosity and the smiles on their faces make it all worth it.

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