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How Quickly Can You Solve These Challenging Puzzles?

Think you've got sharp eyes? A strong attention to detail?

Well, test your skills with these adorable 'Dudolf puzzles' by artist Gergely Dudas. He expertly draws a hidden image in a sea of familiar faces.

It's easy to be distracted by the bright colors and adorable characters, but if you can draw yourself away from the big picture, you'll find the difference right away!

Test your skills below and then let us know how you did in the comments!

Look for the Lamb!

Sneaky Santas hid this lamb too well!

Ponder this Panda!

Awe! There's that Panda!

Clue in on the Clover!

Finding the clover is a tricky one!

Consider this cat!

Here's the cat!

Excavate that egg!

Can't find the egg? Here's the solution.

Pinpoint that Polarbear!

That Polar bear is hard to spot!

Find the Fish!

Can you spot the fish in this Octopus' garden?

How many did you get?

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