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How To Calm Your Dogs When Fireworks Make Them Freak Out

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We love our dogs, but sometimes they can get on our nerves. Somehow they can learn enough English to recognize the word "walk," and identify the exact sound their treat box makes when we shake it, but whenever they hear fireworks they just assume it's the end of the world. At best you can expect to deal with an anxious dog on the 4th of July, but at worst your pet might tear up your furniture or hurt themselves.

There are a few important things to remember when it comes to fireworks: first, it's totally natural for your dog to be frightened by them. Second, keep your dog's collar and tags on during the show, because they've been known to dash out of people's houses when they're afraid.

Apart from that, follow these 7 steps and your dog will enjoy the fireworks as much as you do this year.

1. Make a safe place

If you know your dog will react badly to loud noises, build a safe place where they can enjoy the show without hurting themselves (or wrecking your living room).

Dogs generally prefer a small place when they're upset, so if they have a kennel or room of their own that's ideal. If you don't mind, some dogs will even like to snuggle up in the bathtub with toys and blankets until the noises stop.

2. Tire them out

Even if your dog is upset by the lights and noise, they'll be much more relaxed if they've had a long day. Treat your dog to a nice long walk during the day, or play fetch with them while the fireworks are popping, and they won't have the energy to get into any trouble.

3. Try to acclimatize them

If you're reading this guide a week before the fireworks show, head to the next page for more tips, because this one takes some time. Playing YouTube videos of fireworks can help your dog get familiar with the sound.

You'll need lots of practice before they stop reacting badly, but playing with them and giving treats while the sounds play will train them to associate fireworks with fun, just like we do.

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