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How To Easily Un-Shrink Your Clothes

There is nothing worse than accidentally shrinking your favorite sweater. Sometimes you just didn't realize that it was in that load of laundry, or others there is just no avoiding it. But did you know that you could  easily fix the shrinking problem?

With a bowl of warm water, some hair condition and a little bit of patience you can return your clothes to their original shape!

Just add some hair conditioner to the warm water, mixing it until it's diluted. Then ad your piece of clothing to the bowl and let it soak for about fifteen minutes. Ring out all the excess water and then roll it up in a towel to get more of the moisture out. Lay it out and stretch it gently back out to its original shape and then let it dry.

So easy and will end up saving you from having to restock your closet every time you do laundry!

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