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How To Resolve Your Pent Up Anger: Visit A Rage Room

I don't know how I can sign up for one of these, but the second I find out, I will be there! A new type of stress-relief is available for those who need it: Rage Rooms.

Rage Rooms essentially provide their customers with a safe space to smash things. They go in with either a baseball bat or a metal rod and just start hitting things until all of their anger dissolves.

There is a wide variety of items your can break, including computers, bottles and printers. It's an opportunity for catharsis, and an easy way to get all that rage out of your body without destroying your own things.


You have a bunch of choices if you want to try this out. There is The Break Club in Buenos Aires, The Smash Shack in Jacksonville, North Carolina and even all the way in Japan, where these Rage Rooms originated, you can go visit the Venting Place.


Evelyn Botto who recently attended one of these 'Rage Rooms" told that it was a "delightful" experience, allowing a brief window where "you don't have to care about society."


There is a psychological benefit to these places. Studies have shown that men and women handle stress differently, with society punishing women for expressing there anger. These rage rooms give women a safe space to let off steam in a way they can't in the rest of their lives.

What do you think about this concept? Would you ever want to go to a place where you could take your anger out on a bunch of inanimate objects? Share with your friends who you think need to let off some steam!

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