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16 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying

Liar, liar, pants on fire! If only it were that easy to tell if someone was lying. When someone lies their nose doesn't grow and their pants don't mysteriously burst into flames, but lucky for you there are a few tells that will give you a little bit of insight into who is lying and who is telling the truth. Facial expressions and mannerisms can give away a lot more than people want, often times beyond their control. Here are a few ways to tell if someone is lying when they speak to you.


Darting Eyes


Usually happens when someone is feeling uncomfortable.

Blinking way too much


Stress will make you blink a lot more quickly.

Closing your eyes for a long time

       GiphyLiars will usually close their eyes for a longer time.

Fake smiles that don't seem to affect your eyes


A smile should affect your eyes if it is a true smile.

Looking to the right


Generally people who are lying (especially if they are right-handed) will look up and to the right. It can be either looking up and to the right, directly to the right and even down and to the right, but looking away means you are lying.

Touching your face


There is actually a chemical reaction that occurs in your face that makes it itch when you lie.

Pursing your lips

When you lie your mouth becomes dry so people tend to purse or lick their lips.

Sweat excessively

Liars are likely to sweat more than normal.

Blush a lot


Bodies sometimes react to the increased adrenaline by blushing.

Shaking their heads as they talk


Essentially shows that the person is disagreeing with what they just said.

Heavy breathing or just changes in breathin


Your body's increased heart rat will cause you to feel out of breath when you lie.

Standing too still

Apparently it's the body's way of showing something is wrong.

Repeating words and phrases a lot

When someone repeats themselves a lot they are trying to get some time to gather their thoughts.

Giving too many details

They tend to hope that if you give enough details you will assume it's true.

Shifting their feet aroun


It shows their body is trying to leave the situation.

Excessive Pointing


When they become defensive o hostile they might end up pointing a lot because they don't want you to discover their lies. Do you think you would be able to spot out a liar now?


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