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How Well Do You Remember These 13 Dance Fads From The Sixties?

The sixties had some of the best music, so it's only natural that some of the best dance moves were from the same time!

There are so many dance moves that are so iconic. Whether it was the twist, the mashed potato, or the Watusi, dancing in the sixties had such a unique look about it. So different than kids now! See if you can remember how to do these 13 classic dances from the sixties.


1. The Twist


2. The Frug

3. The Waddle-Watusi-Wobble

4. The Monkey

5. The Swim

6. The Jerk

7. The Hitchhiker

8. The Mashed Potato

9. The Locomotion

10. The Freddie

11. The Chicken

12. The Handjive

13. The Hully Gully

Bonus: The Batusi

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