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Huge Cattle Dog And This "Wobbly" Kitten Are Best Friends

When Ralphee the cat's owners found her abandoned in a barn, they knew right away she was different than most cats. Wherever she goes, Ralphee wobbles, wiggles and bounces.

This is because Ralphee has cerebellar hypoplasia, or CH for short. I basically means part of her brain is underdeveloped, so her body is always a little shaky.

It doesn't hurt Ralphee, and it will never get worse, so she just keeps living her life like the troublemaker she is. Luckily, she has a friend to look after her. Since she was adopted, Max the cattle dog has watched over her like a loving parent.

Good luck finding a pair of animals as cute as these two!

Aren't they just adorable? Max won't let little Ralphee out of his sight for even a minute. In case you're dying to see more of these two, there's an updated video from a few months later that shows what Ralphee looks like all grown up.

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