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Photo Catches Reaction Of Huge Wedding Party As Car Narrowly Misses Hitting Photographer

Peter Saab and Leah Juliano's bridal party was HUGE!

On September 9, the happy couple said their 'I Do's' and lined up with their wedding party outside the church. As their photographer, Leslie Hollingsworth set up the shot, she stepped off the curb and onto the street to get a wider angle.

It was such a huge wedding party, so I had to back up a little bit [to get the shot]," Hollingsworth, the Birmingham, Alabama-based photographer, said in an interview with The Huffington Post.

She stepped about two feet off the curb and was standing in the road for less than five seconds, when a car whizzed by. So engrossed with her work, she didn't notice the oncoming vehicle, but the wedding party sure did!

Leslie Hollingsworth

In a matter of seconds she snapped the moment as the car zipped past, narrowly missing her body. "I just felt the wind go past me. It was really close!" she said.

In fact, the Father of the Bride pushed her forward, and out of the way, a second after she took the shot.

Take a look at the priceless reactions - pretty much all of the bridesmaids reacted at the same time, the groomsmen turned as the car zipped by.

Leslie Hollingsworth

After the film was developped, Hollingsworth got a good chuckle.

"It was so hysterical," she told HuffPost. "All the girls are horrified. The couple is sitting there indifferently. They don't even notice anything. And all the guys are like 'What just happened?'"

Thankfully, no one was hurt and many more beautiful pictures were taken later that day.

See for yourself!

Leslie Hollingsworth

Leslie Hollingsworth

Leslie Hollingsworth

Leslie Hollingsworth

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