Husband Surprises His Wife With 10th Anniversary Flash Mob Serenade

Carl Gilbertson wanted to do something very special for his wife Laura on their 10th anniversary. He was inspired by her reaction to a flash mob marriage proposal and began to make the arrangements. On July 23, Carl surprised Laura with a flash mob and a deeply touching declaration of love.

The couple live in Liverpool, England, so Carl enlisted Musical Theatre students from the local Media Academy to help him with his declaration of love. As the music begins a student steps forward and hands Laura a single red rose. The crowd gathers around, but his love for her shines through. Carl kneels down beside his wife and, as he takes her hand in his, he sings softly next to her ear. The music builds and the students stand, one after another, singing the lyrics to the Bruno Mars song "Just the Way You Are."

The choir raises to a crescendo and Laura is overcome with emotion. She weeps as Carl tenderly wipes away her tears. The couple met 15 years earlier in a Liverpool nightclub. At the time, she had been living able bodied with MS. But, soon after they were married, Laura experienced a serious relapse which required her to use a wheelchair.

This didn't deter Carl, his wife's fighting spirit only deepened his love for her. In an interview with Today, Carl explains that he wanted to show her just that: "...I wanted her to know that no matter what may change, I love her just as she is and that, to me, she's perfect."

We think he did a pretty amazing job of it too.

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