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I Brought My Cat To Work and She Was Exactly As Interesting As You'd Expect

I'm blessed to work in an office that's as pet-friendly as mine is. My co-workers frequently bring in their precious pooches and spend the day with them. The dogs love it - the smells, the people, and of course the belly rubs. So I got the bright idea to bring my cat to work. After all wouldn't she love the chance to be adored instead of just sleeping the day away? Not exactly. Here's what I learned from my Office Cat.

1. Cat's Don't Like Traveling

Lydia, my cat, was not quite as enthusiastic as I was about this whole plan. She sounded exactly like I feel when I first wake up. Which is something close to: YooowwWWWWWllllllLLLLL. After a short (but loud) car ride we were ready to get to work.

2. It's Always Important To Look Your Best

As soon as the carrier door was open Lydia went exploring. It didn't take long for her to realize that she had a hair out of place. That simply won't do when you're about to meet new people.

3. If You Have A Hand You're A Friend

Most people are nervous or shy on their first day of work, but not Lydia. She immediately made the rounds headbutting, nose-rubbing and scootching just out of reach. In fact anyone who had a hand to pet her was pretty much an instant best-friend.

4. Cats Are Good With Computers...Or At least Their Cords

Time for work! Once she got a satisfactory amount of attention from everyone Lydia decided to make herself useful. She was particularly fond of being behind the computers. I think she was going to set up a new network but got distracted by a  mouse.

5. Lunchtime Is Not Noon, It's Whenever The Heck She Wants

Lydia can't read time, or if by some miracle she can, she doesn't care. There was no way she was waiting until 12:00 to eat. I guess fixing computers was hard work.

6. They Really Do Just Sleep All Day

She was working overtime, but by working I mean sleeping. She might have slept more at my work then she does at home, but I'll never really know unless I set up a camera. That's crazy though..........right?

7. She Can Be Trusted With Big Decisions

Cats make ideal bosses. They don't micro-manage and are good listeners. They may not care about what they hear, but at least you know they hear you. Lydia took to the role right away and started making some impawssible decisions.

8. She Can Get The Most Out Of Her Employees

You can lose a lot of work time getting up to go to the washroom. Lydia knew this, so she used her instinctive cat ability to get comfortable in the lap of a person who really needs to go to the bathroom.

9. She Doesn't Like Work Either

She might have liked the office, but she won't be winning any employee of the year awards. Between eating, napping and hiding I'm not sure she got any work done.

10. Everyone Needs An Office Pet

The biggest lesson of the day was that having a cat - or dog, bird, rock, you name it - at work makes the day a heck of a lot better!

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