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"I had to protect my dog" Canadian Man Fights Off Cougar To Save His Two Dogs

A man in Red Deer, Alberta has proved his love for his dogs. While meeting a friend for coffee at a Tim Hortons on December 26th, he let his dogs run around. Sasha and Mango, his two huskies, were playing in the parking lot when a cougar came out of the woods and pounced on the poor dogs.

Will Gibb says his instincts kicked in and he knew he had to protect his dogs, "My dogs are like my children," he said after the attack.

The cougar attacked Sasha and Gibb jumped into action without hesitation.

"She (Sasha) was crying out in pain and distress so I went running, and I saw something wrapped around her so I ran up and punched it in the side of the head." Will Gibb

It wasn't until after he started fighting it that he realized it was a cougar. The cougar ran off into the woods and he was left with a whimpering and terrified dog. Even when the cougar returned, Gibb continued to protect his dogs, grabbing a large stick and chasing the wild animal away. He rushed his animals to the vet and got her all the special attention she needed.

"She had bite wounds around her neck and claw tears on her belly, under her armpits. I had to sew up some of her wounds. They tore into her muscle. It's a pretty painful situation she's in, but she's doing fine." - Jordan Bremmekamp, the veterinarian who treated Sasha

Sasha is going to be okay, but it was still a scary situation! Check out the interview below to hear the whole story.

Keep your animals safe and watch out for dangerous wildlife in your area!

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