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See Who Finally Causes Ellen To Lose It On TV

Ellen DeGeneres is known for her incredible generosity and her comedic timing. The actress turned talk show host can always keep a straight face during her bits.

But one call from a fan finally broke Ellen down. She couldn't talk she was laughing so hard!! It was the first time Ellen completely lost it on her own show, and it went down in history.

Gladys Hardy, from Texas, called into Ellen and left a voicemail to let Ellen know how great she was...and also to move that plant behind her.

Ellen loved the message so much, she actually CALLED Gladys live on air to chat with her and pick her brain. It ended up being one of the funniest clips in Ellen history! Even when she answers the phone, Gladys kills everyone with her wit.

Take a look!

Gladys tells Ellen, "I love Jesus, but I drink a little" and it's just a riot. Gladys ended up becoming a regular caller to share her hilarious take on the world. The two hit it off really well and Gladys became a fan favorite.

Gladys never appeared on the show, telling Ellen "I'm enjoyin' being a mystery for the first time in my life... and, honey, somehow we brought radio to television!"

Unfortunately, Gladys passed away in 2006. But her love of life and sheer lack of filter will make her one of the most memorable guests on Ellen.

Do you remember this happening all those years ago?

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