Ice Cream Sandwich Cake is the Easiest Cake You’ll Ever Make

Prepare yourself for the perfect party dessert! This ice cream sandwich cake is summer's yummiest treat with it's delicious layers of ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauce all smothered in creamy whipped topping. No one will know it only took 5 ingredients and 15 minutes to make!

The thought of making ice cream cake can be daunting - but trust me - this cake is so simple to whip up whenever the craving strikes! All you need are a box of ice cream sandwiches, chocolate and caramel sauce, whipped topping and some colorful sprinkles. No baking or fussy techniques required!

Here's how you make this awesome frozen treat!


  1. 9 ice cream sandwiches, unwrapped
  2. Caramel sauce
  3. Chocolate sauce
  4. Whipped topping
  5. Sprinkles


Place 3 ice cream sandwiches side-by-side on a plate.



Spread caramel sauce on top, followed by chocolate sauce.



Add another 3 ice cream sandwiches. Again... spread caramel sauce and chocolate sauce. Add your last 3 ice cream sandwiches, and then cover the whole thing with whipped topping.



Top with sprinkles, if desired.

Freeze for several hours, then take the cake out of the freezer and slice to serve. You can drizzle with additional sauce, if desired.

How easy was that? Time to grab a fork and dig in!

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