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If You Believe This Infographic, You Need To Read It Again

We all agree that over-eating sugary snacks and drinking highly caffeinated beverages can have some pretty crummy consequences for our health.

But let's keep the facts straight about what really happens when we drink a can of cola.

Former pharmasist, Niraj Naik, wants people to stop drinking colas and other fizzy drinks because of the effect long-term consumption can have on the human body. So, he created a shocking infographic to depict what he claims are the affects of drinking one can of coke.


In this popular infographic, Naik attempts to explain what happens about one hour after consuming a can of coke. He says that the sugar, caffeine and other ingredients can have a startling effect on our bodies - but, is it true?

Possibly, but it is missing sources and real data to back up his claims.  Yes, a can of Coke can trigger the release of adrenaline, but not more than you'd get from a large coffee. Also, his comparison to heroine is for shock value - chocolate cake also triggers the release of dopamine.

Without any actual science to back it up, the claim isn't much more than a scare tactic.

Naik is a pharmacist-turned-holistic practitioner who advocates against the use of high fructose corn syrup in our foods. While it is true that there are some health concerns about consuming lots of fructose, these health issues can be avoided simply by practicing moderation.

There is no need to scare us with tweaked science.

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