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If You Have A Brother Or A Son You Need To Give Them This Cookbook

It's a hard truth that most men are a little kitchen-challenged. Not all of them, mind you. But the average, usually single, guy is just not the best chef.

But this sister gave her brother the best culinary gift she could think of: a cookbook with recipes he can't f$@k up.

Imgur user tacopartyinyourmouth posted pictures of her gift and it immediately went viral. She's even now posted the entire thing on Google Docs so everyone can benefit from her generosity.

These are some examples of her recipes (WARNING, she uses some Gordon Ramsay-type language)

She even includes a nice message for her brother:

"Not everything will turn out perfect on the first try but don't get discouraged because failure is how you learn. Go wild and enjoy yourself, just don't burn down the house in the process. Merry Christmas, jerk face."

If you want to pass along the favor, here's a link to the cookbook!

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