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If You Have Kids, You Need To See What These Parents Gave Their Daughter For Her 18th Birthday

18th birthdays are like a right of passage for not only the kids, but for their parents.

The tricky part can be finding a gift that they will remember forever. 18 is big! It deserves a present that is meaningful and memorable.

For Abby Van Meter, her parents have been planning for her 18th birthday since her first birthday. Her parents, Susie and Kent, asked all their loved ones to write Abby a letter on her first birthday that they would give to her when she turned 18. They received 25 letters in total, which were placed in a box for safe keeping until it was time to open them.

When it came time to open the letters, seven of the family members who had written to Abby had passed away. It made for a very emotional reading.

Susie posted a couple short videos of Abby opening her gift. It's such a touching moment between family members. People are loving this great idea for a gift, with the post receiving almost 150,000 shares! Take a look for yourself.

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