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If You Haven't Bought A Hatchimal Yet It's Not Too Late

Every year there's a toy that seems to fly off the shelves.

There were Cabbage Patch Kids, Tickle Me Elmos, Furbies, and now there are Hatchimals.

If your child won't stop begging for their own little Draggle or Bearakeet, don't despair. This weekend you'll have one more chance to snag these valuable little critters.

Hatchimals, the creation of Canadian toy makers Spin Masters, are adorable little creatures who hatch (of course) from eggs. There are five different kinds of Hatchimals ranging from Owlicorns (think of an owl and unicorn mixed together) to Burtles (which are more like penguins with antennas.)

Over the past seven week more than 400,000 Hatchimals have been sold, meaning they've been selling even faster than the famous Tickle Me Elmo doll.

While Hatchimals only cost $60, because of the high demand, scalpers have been selling the creatures online for unbelievable prices. Most sellers are valueing the toys just under $200, but sellers on Amazon are creeping as high as $399, and one hopeful vendor is listing his stock on eBay at $10,000.

Luckily, Spin Masters have been working overtime to put Hatchimals back in stock. The company is paying for expensive air freight to rush the toys to stores as soon as possible.

Walmart and Target will both be restocking over the weekend, so shoppers who arrive early should be able to snag some of the last Hatchimals to arrive before Christmas.

If you don't feel like camping out in front of your local Walmart to guarantee you'll get one, consider looking on Facebook. Groups like "Hatchimals for sale" are springing up, full of people who are selling the toys with a mark up around the country.

Happy hunting!

Were you lucky enough to pick up a Hatchimal already? Will you be looking for one this weekend?

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