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If You Want Something To Cheer You Up, You Need These Animal Best Friends Growing Up Together

So 2016 has been a year that most people are going to want to forget. You know what we all really need? A little pick me up. And what better way to be cheered up than photos of animals who have been friends forever?

Animals who meet as babies and grow up together is actually the world's best thing. Sorry to everything else, but pictures of life-long animals friends is the most precious treasure we have. If you need a little bit of joy in your life, you must check out these little buddies.


He was once the big dog, but not so much anymore.

Just because he grew up doesn't me he doesn't still like snuggles.

Hugs are not reserved for the young...

Besides, hugs never go out of style

It feels like they have been sitting together for a very long time...

Best Friends Forever!

They just grew so close over time that they started to look alike.

Some friends are great to go on adventures with.

It's nice when you grow up to be the same size

Little gentle kisses show he cares

You wish you were in this group.

See, the Fox and the Hound didn't have a sad ending, they could have stayed friends forever!

Some wear their hearts on their sleeves to make sure their friends know how they feel.

Sometimes your friends have a growth spurt, but they still love you.

If you find a comfy nap position, why would you change it?

You might need to get a bigger bed to share, but it's obviously worth it.

Some little babies get to grow up together and stay friends for life.

Some friends get goofier the older they get.

Sometimes other people think your friend is weird but that shouldn't stop  you from hanging out with them.

Traditions are important.

Stick together!

When you find someone as unique as you are, keep them around!

Share with your best friend!

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