If You Have Kids, You Will Understand How Special Finding This Letter Was

Bethany Gash lost her mother in 2001 when she was just a girl. Gash's mother left a note with Gash's father, to be read to Bethany in the event her mother passed away. Her father read her the letter, but at some point the letter went missing. Bethany figured she had lost it forever.

That is until Gordon Draper, owner of a local book store saw something fall out of one of his books. It was an envelope with a handwritten letter folded around an old photo of an older woman with a young girl wrapped in her arms.

Draper immediately knew he needed to find the owner of the letter, for something so special surely belonged with its intended recipient. He made a plea to the local paper and amazingly, someone responded. Bethany Gash was amazed to find her mother's letter still in tact.

But how did it get to the book store?

Draper put some pieces together in his head and realized Bethany's mother was actually one of his most loyal customers. She often took part in a program that encourages customers to bring back books for a discount on new ones. When Bethany and her father moved, they dropped off some of her mom's books at the store which is when the letter was lost.

The letter is a touching moment between mother and daughter. You just know that Bethany's mother is now resting easy, knowing her daughter will always have a physical memory of her to hold on to.

Here is the letter:

"Bethany (My little treasure)

If your dad is reading this to you It is because I have died and gone to heaven to live with the angels. My chest was very poorly and I had an operation to make it better but it didn't work. I will always be in the sky making sure you are alright and watching over you. So when you see a bright star like in the nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle Little Star that's me. Be a good girl and live a long happy life your dad and Grandad will look after you and take you to school. I will always love you and don't let anyone tell you its wrong to talk about me because its not. I hope you don't forget me because I'll always me your mom. Lots of hugs and kisses.



PS I'm depending on you to look after Rosie for me now. Don't forget her will you not."

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