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If You're From Arizona, Changing Your Baby's Diaper Could Be Considered A Felony

Arizona's sexual abuse laws do not require sexual intent in order to be considered.

Legal analysts are saying that there is too much of a gray area within the statute that could leave it open for interpretation.

This has many people wondering how this could be manipulated against parents or caregivers who bathe children and changes their diapers.

"The statute says intentionally or knowingly having sexual contact," says legal analyst, Monica Lindstorm, "well sexual contact is just the direct or indirect touching of the genital of something else of the child. That is where the changing of the diaper could come into play."

The decision was made involving the case of a man appealing his conviction of sexually molesting his step-daughter. The charges where upheld, but the wording is what people are concerned about.

Although it's unlikely that any sane or reasonable prosecutor will charge a parent for properly bathing or changing their child; the justices that have a problem with the wording say that there is too much possibility for it to be abused.

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